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enkele getuigenissen van de voorbije jaren
Groep SHC 2022


"So warm and intense! We were lucky to get an enormous treasure of experience, mastership and knowledge of the whole wonderful world of Sound from two fantastic people..." - Carla, Belgium

"Dankbaar! Zo'n mooi cadeau aan mezelf. Zoveel mooie zielen, gelijkge-stem-den ont-moeten. Prachtig, hartverwarmend en grondend." - Nathalie, Belgium

"So much gratitude for all the teachings and al the love. It's been quite a challenge, but thank you for your faith and encouragement;" - Vee, Belgium
"Met dank aan jullie is mijn reis prachtig begonnen;" - Laurie, The Netherlands

"Thank you for guiding me on my way home." - Linda, Belgium

"I have truly enjoyed the modules! I thank you all for your dedication, contributions and commitment to the world of sound healing. I am grateful to know you are helping to bring harmony to everyone you meet." - Mandy, USA

shc 2021 group september.jpeg

"Sometimes there just are no words to describe what one would like to say. This is such a moment.. Following the course has 'grown' my being in such a way, I could never have imagined. Thank you does not cover it, but thank you... from the bottom of my heart." - Anneke, Belgium

"Dit is niet alleen een reis door de klankwereld, maar ook langs vele hoekjes van de ziel. Heerlijke mensen leren kennen!" - Charlotte, Belgium

"I found my voice and sound. What a beautiful journey and transformation." - Ingrid, B.


"The song 'as we open our hearts' is playing in the background while I write this. A reflection of what happened during the past 4 months. Our breath, our voices, our bodies exploring new dimensions. Very grateful for the journey through sound which opened the gate to a new world." - Kristine, Belgium

"Dankbaar voor het delen van de sounds, voor het thuiskomen in mijn eigen sounds... klaar om dieper te gaan in de wereld van sound, het leven, de liefde ... " - Reinier, Belgium

SHC group 2019

" The wisdom you share; the natural things you help us remember, so grateful for it all. I also enjoyed the humour and playfulness and the trust and encouragement. Lifechanging and heartwarming course!" - Margot , Belgium

"Thank you so much for guiding me into this wonderful journey. The beginning of something new, something that was always there but you helped me see and hear it." - Gudrun, Belgium

"This course really touched my heart. I feel so much gratitude." - Gabriele,, Italy

"Your teaching is so inspiring, joyful and very transformating. Thank you for the wise, opening and loving energy you share. Amazing work!" - Veronique, Belgium

"Thank you for your inspiration, guidance and trust. You gave me the tools I needed to fill my missing links." - Kitty, The Netherlands

" I was already convinced about the power of sound, but now evertything makes sense. Thanks for this great Jouney!" - An, Belgium

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